Made in New Zealand.
Now available in Malaysia.

Premium Organic
Cold Pressed
Virgin Coconut Oil


Who is it for?

Suitable for those ULTRA BUSY PEOPLE ON THE GO

NO HASTLE just pop those blue softgels and wallla! You’re equiped with superfood of the day.

We all know or might have heard the uses and benefits of coconut oil for our health and well being. All these claims are PROVEN AND WELL RESEARCHED with modern EVIDENCE BASED MEDICINE.

What is special about our softgel that can help you?


Natural Unrefined SUPERFOOD perfect for energy, stamina and brain function.

Anti Aging


Weight Management

Agent for body DETOXIFICATION. Natural Weight Loss Management. Reduces Abdominal Fat.


" I was trying to lose weight. I tried on a fruit diet. I go hungry all day. Nothing happened. Frustrated. And decided to try out virgin coconut oil, within a few days I weighted myself and found out I had lost 5 pounds. Since then I have lost a total of 24 pounds, and still losing steadily at about a pound a week, enjoying full meals. "
Sandra from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
" I have been supplementing virgin coconut oil every morning and evening. I noticed, I am no longer craving for sugar, chocolates, cakes and doughnuts. I don’t have that horrible hunger pang that made me go: ‘I’ll kill myself if I don’t eat something sweet now’. No more of this horrible hypoglycemic hunger hurricanes. "
Farah from Kuala Lumpur
I had this dark circle and dark undereye skin. My skin was dull and lack luster. However, after regularly and religiously taking virgin coconut oil supplement, my dark circle and undereye skin discolouration slowly fades away. My eyes look fresher than ever. Friends commented that I look fresh, no more dark circle, my skin glow and the best of all, I look younger than my age.
Norazlina from Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

How we started it all?

It all starts with ORGANICALLY grown coconuts. These coconuts are selectively chosen and hand picked at their peak freshness by skilled local farmers. Freshly processed from matured coconuts, the virgin coconut oil are collected using COLD-PRESSED METHOD. This method preserves its essential nutrients and anti oxidants. It is 100% PURE & NATURAL with NO ARTIFICIAL ADDITIVES, SOLVENTS, CHEMICAL substances or GMOs.

The resulting COLD-PRESSED ORGANIC VIRGIN COCONUT OIL we have is clear with no tinge of colour. It is so pure, clean and clear that you might mistake it as mineral water in a glass bottle.We recommend you to take this virgin coconut oil everyday by consuming them using spoon. However, it is easier said than done. Yes…… we know that not everybody can stomach it by the spoonful on adaily basis. Therefore, we have made this oil easier to consume by just popping our softgel in your mouth.

Lets go deeper on this softgel.

If you are a person particular about what you consume into your body. You must read on. Most gelatin softgel in the market comes from
BOVINE (Cow, Buffalo)

Gelatin comes from the muscles and tissues of these animals (pig, cow, buffalo). As far as HALAL is concerned, porcine is definitely out of the question. It is definitely HARAM. How about bovine? We cannot guarantee that the process of these animals follow the strict slaughtering and hygiene guideline. You can rest your mind on the above issues if you consume our softgel.

Our softgel is 100% PLANT ORIGIN AND VEGAN

Why blue softgel?

We created a unique colour for your FURTHER REASSURANCE that what you are getting is the REAL organic virgin coconut oil in the softgel. There are many FAKE virgin coconut oil softgel out there in the market. Instead of virgin coconut oil as they claim, what you are getting is not virgin coconut oil but cheap coconut oil or cheap refined bleached deodorised (RBD) oil that has no benefit for your health. So, beware of fake virgin coconut oil softgel.

RM 120

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

We harvest our coconuts from ORGANIC FARM in Philipines and freshly COLD PRESSED these coconuts straight into VIRGIN COCONUT OIL to preserve its nutrients and antioxidants.
We then package these oil into our UNIQUE BLUE SOFTGEL that is 100% PLANT BASED in our factory in New Zealand.
From New Zealand, these blue softgels are made available to you in Malaysia.

There are no official recommendations from health governing bodies as to how much virgin coconut oil one should take per day. However, it is recommended to take 2 -3 softgels before food twice a day. You can increase intake up to 6 softgels twice a day depending on your body and your desired results.

Yes. Virgin coconut oil is very healthy for pregnant and lactating mothers since it contains lauric acid which is present in breast milk. It protects mothers from diseases by increasing the immune system. VCO helps pregnant mothers with their pregnancy by supporting healthy fetal growth. VCO helps breastfeeding mothers to increase their milk supply. It is highly recommended that pregnant mothers and breastfeeding mothers to take DOC.A VCO softgel.

Children as young as the age of 6 months can take Virgin Coconut Oil.  As far as the soft gel is concerned, as long as the child is able to swallow soft gel, they can safely consume it.  If the child is not able to swallow soft gel as a whole, you can pop the soft gel and release the oil inside the gel for the kid to consume.  

There are no side effects of taking softgel Virgin Coconut Oil which is documented. The only common reported effects of VCO is a loose stool. But this only happens if you have taken excess or more than what you should. Otherwise, there are no side effects.

There is no relationship between coconuts and nuts. Coconut is a fruit. Coconut allergy is rather a rare allergy. Therefore one can safely consume the virgin coconut oil.

You will see the result as early as 3 days.  Improvement in your digestive system will be the first change you will notice.  The other changes such as weight loss, better complexion, increase hair growth, increase immunity or body detox will take longer (as long as 3 to 6 months). With persistence and consistent daily consumption, you will see results.
There are blue 60 soft gels in one bottle.  Each soft gel contains 500mg of 100% pure organic virgin coconut oil