What is Ageing?

What constitute ageing?

Why are people obsessed with anti ageing and searching for fountain of youth?

The truth is that no one wants to be old because being old is associated with weakness, helplessness or lacking in many ways.

The hard fact is that ageing is inevitable and it is a normal thing in life to age on a daily basis. Even babies are ageing. The issue now is that why should you be ageing when you can be young, vigorous and healthy all the time? Yes this can be done. However, time and time again, we hear reports and complaints that efforts to stay young are mainly superficial and the ageing process still goes on. All the efforts are temporary, superficial, useless in the long term and all goes down the drain without giving any benefits what so ever.

We have to accept the fact that ageing is a process that happens gradually and not overnight. It happens step by step without us noticing. By knowing the root cause, we can do a lot of things based on our current knowledge to halt or slow down the ageing process. The most logical and easy to understand is by strengthening and supporting the optimal function of body system and body organs to its original glory. This is the key to anti ageing and good quality health. If this is achieved, you will definitely be looking youthful and has a body of a young person even though you have aged.

Not all Oils are Equal

Unfortunately, there are many products out there that sell either legally or illegally on the name of anti ageing to trick people into buying whatever they have to offer.

As a knowledgeable person, you want the best for yourself. So please do not get conned into marketing hype. In order to not get conned or tricked by unscrupulous people, you must have knowledge about anti ageing. May this book give you light on your search and journey to ‘Anti ageing and good quality health’.

Keep Calm and Go Coconuts!

Virgin Coconut Oil has been researched and studied over many years. It was condemned and labeled as the bad oil due to its bad saturated fat and bad cholesterol. The truth is that the saturated fat is actually good fat and there is no cholesterol at all in coconut oil. This clearly shows how severely mislead and distorted people’s perception on this oil was. Only in the pass recent years, this oil has build its good reputation throughout the world and people are realizing that this Virgin Coconut oil is the best oil in the world.

The drugstore in a bottle. This is how Coconut Oil is referred to in the Philippines where Virgin Coconut Oil has created miracles for the sick and not so sick and also maintaining good health for those healthy individuals. In a nutshell, the oil is a tonic, a medicine and a restorer of health. Success testimonials are coming by the hundreds and now thousands highlighting the benefits and cures achieved by taking virgin coconut oil on regular basis.

The coconut palm is truly one of nature’s natural wonders. It is reported to have 10001 uses. Every part of the coconut palm is used for some purposes. From this tree you can derive everything necessary to sustain life. That is why in some countries, it is called ‘The tree of life’. Now, lets concentrate on the fruit which we call coconut. Some people consider coconut to be a nut while others call it a seed. Those people who live in the tropics and use the coconut every day consider it a fruit – the fruit of the tree of life. This coconut can be harvested as young oconut or old coconut.

The young coconut generally have green to light brown colored shells. They are much easier to crack open and eat. If cracked opened, you can collect the water in the middle of the fruit and the shell inside the young coconut is covered with white flesh that is soft and jelly like.

The old or matured coconut has a very hard shell and you need to open it up carefully with a lot of force. A hammer or machete and a bit of elbow grease are often needed to crack open a matured coconut. This older coconut contains coconut meat (white flesh that is thicker and more solid) . The coconut meat has many uses and can be transfored into shredded coconut, coconut milk or Virgin Coconut Oil.

People from many diverse cultures, languages, religions and races scattered around the globe have been using coconut as an important source of both food and medicine. In fact, it has been used for thousands of years and proven to help and treat various ailments.

In the Philippines, coconut oil is used to speed the healing of burns, cuts and bruises. It is massaged into swollen joints and aching muscles and even can speed the healing of broken bones. In East Africa, coconut oil is drink as a health tonic and is the first medicine of choice among the native populations regardless of the illness. In India, Coconut Oil is used in Ayurvedic medicine for its healing properties for over 4000 years. The oil is valued for its antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-fungal as well as anti-parasitic properties.

Coconut in Traditional Medicine

Throughout the equatorial regions of the world where palm trees grow in abundance, Coconut Oil is used to treat a diverse array of health problems with an amazing degree of success.

Some of these conditions include: amenorrhea, asthma, bronchitis, bruises, burns, colds, colitis, constipation, cough, debility, dropsy, dysentery, dysmenorrheoa, earache, erysipelas, fever, flu, gingivitis, gonorrhea, hematemesis, hemoptysis, jaundice, kidney stones, lice infestations, malnutrition, nausea, parasites, pythias, rashes, scabies, scurvy, sore throat, stomach ache, swelling, syphilis, toothache, tuberculosis, tumors, typhoid, ulcers and wounds.

The truth about Coconut Oil remained hidden in medical journals, which few people read and even fewer understand. Many scientists who recognized the nutritional and medical potential in coconut oil continued with their research. Coconut Oil in one form or another, was and still is used in feeding tubes and IV solutions to treat critically ill patients. Coconut Oil is a major ingredient in hospital and commercial baby formulas. It is used in over the counter medications and added to foods to protect them from spoilage. Nutritional products such as powdered sports drinks and energy bars use it.

The secret behind Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is unique. It is this difference that gives it most of its nutritional and medicinal properties. At present, there is no other oil in this world that can supersede or top this unique properties. It is the fat molecules called fatty acid that make up the oil that is responsible for this unique properties. If you understand this fatty acid properties, you will understand its nutritional potential.

There is no other oil like Coconut Oil in this world due to the oil composition of predominant medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs). It is this difference that gives it most of its nutritional and medical properties.

Coconut Oil is over 80% saturated fat, which mainly consists of medium chain fatty acid (MCT) which is easier for the body to digest and processed by the body to produce energy as compared to the long chain fatty acids (LCT) which most people consume regularly that is harder to digest.

Another point is that these saturated fat in Coconut Oil contains between 45-55% Lauric Acid. The highest percentage of lauric acid among edible oils in the world. Lauric acid is naturally found in breast milk and is converted to a substance called monolaurin, which aids in increasing the body’s immunity and helping to fight bacteria, viruses, fungus and parasites as well as an array of diseases.

Oil or Fountain of Youth?

It is not a mystery, how we can live a healthier life with this humble Virgin Coconut Oil. In the Philippines, where this oil has been used for thousands of years, it is their ‘fountain of youth’. It will make you happy, healthy and beautiful. It is as simple as that, all in one internal and external fix for human body.

It was also said that ‘He who plants a coconut tree plants vessels and clothing, food and drink, a habitation for himself, and a heritage for his children’. This is how diversity a coconut tree can be in human life.

People who consume Coconut Oil on a daily basis has been proven to live on average 100 years. In countries where Coconut Oil and coconut derivatives are a staple in their lives, it is common to see folks celebrating their 100th birthday looking great with smiles full of teeth.

Not only looking great and young. You also get your ideal body weight perfect for you.

Coconut Oil appears to have this ability to normalize bodily function. If someone is overweight it can help that person lose excess body fat. If the person is underweight, it can help him to gain weight. Hormones are also affected. Thyroid function for example, can improves. Those with low thyroid function experience an increase in metabolism. Yet, those with overactive thyroid do not experience an increase in thyroid activity. The hormonal system doesn’t go too far one way or the other, it goes where it should be in proper balance.

Vitamin E

Coconut Oil is also notable for its abundance in vitamin

  1. This vitamin E is especially beneficial for strong, voluminous hair and youthful skin. It acts as a moisturizer for both hair and skin and maintains the functionality of your organ system as most vitamins do.
  2. Older people, it can turn back the clock making them feel more youthful. In fact, many have reported the reversal of age related to hormonal changes, energy level and skin appearance. Menopause is reversed. Body functions are revitalized. Skin looks more youthful with less wrinkle, sagging and pigmentation. Virgin coconut oil definitely fit the title ‘fountain of youth’.

Regardless of your state of health and no matter what your health concerns may be, Coconut Oil can be of benefit to you.

Please bear in mind that in general, there are two main categories of Coconut Oil. There are many confusions due to marketing hype on the term Coconut Oil.

Basically the oil that is mass produced is almost always and most likely Coconut Oil that is refined, bleached and deodorized. They are abundant and cheap. Do not misinterpret or mistake this Coconut Oil as virgin because they are not.

Virgin Coconut Oil term is more referred to the process of producing them. Again you still can get confused with Virgin Coconut Oil in the market due to marketing hype and heavy promotional tactics. As a rule of thumb, look for the word Unrefined, or Cold pressed. When you see these words, you can be assured that the process of producing the oil preserve the nutritional value and antioxidant value to its maximum potentials.

Live Long And Healthy

It is not too late for anything in this world. By taking Virgin Coconut Oil on a daily basis, you are already one step ahead towards longevity and healthy life. Who doesn’t want that?

Virgin Coconut Oil can make a difference in your life. Many people have made changes in their life through this miracle oil. You can too.

Datin Dr Nur Aireen Ismail

MBChB, Medical School University of Manchester, United Kingdom Medicine and Surgery, Cosmetology, Cosmetic Chemistry, Special studies in Dermatology, Mesotherapy Medicine, Masters in Histopathology, Masters in Public Health, Masters in Aesthetic Medicine, Masters in Anti-aging, Regenerative & Functional Medicine Working as Aesthetic & Anti Ageing consultant at Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre and Founder and Managing Director at Belladonna Beauty Sdn Bhd


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