DOC.A Cream Image
DOC.A Cream
Cream that creates a miracle! A little goes a long way! This cream contains organic virgin coconut oil and a blend of natural ingredients. Benefits of using DOC.A Cream Cures eczema, ps... Read More
DOC.A Spray Deodorant Image
DOC.A Spray Deodorant
Protects your underarms and repairs damaged underarm skin. Contains organic virgin coconut oil and a blend of antibacterial essential oils. Suitable for both men and women. Benefits of using  DOC.A ... Read More
DOC.A Treatment Oil Image
DOC.A Treatment Oil
A special formula to treat common ailments An essential aid at home, at work or when traveling. Contains organic virgin coconut oil and herbal essential oils. Suitable for babies, infants, and adults... Read More
DOC.A VOC Softgel Image
DOC.A VOC Softgel
Premium Organic Cold Pressed Vegan Virgin Coconut Oil Softgel Benefits of DOC.A VOC Softgels Weight Management Supports Immunity System Boosts Brain Function Anti Aging